BiBimMyun – Korean Spicy Cold Noodles!

One of my very favorite Korean noodles is the Paldo BiBimMyun, which is the instant version of Korean spicy cold noodles. Koreans usually prefer this during hot summer months in Korea to “cool” them down. As for me, I like to eat it very often, it’s very sweet, spicy, and can get your appetite satisfied on a hot day.

It’s pretty easy to cook this, just boil water, throw the noodles in there for 10 minutes, rinse the noodles with cold water, drain water, and add hot sauce that it comes with.

You can get this easily at most Korean markets or you can even get it online here.

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One Response to BiBimMyun – Korean Spicy Cold Noodles!

  1. JunH says:

    This one is my all time favorite !!!
    Damn I want to have it right now !!!

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