How to Use Chopsticks!


If you enjoy eating Korean noodles, you will surely want to invest your time on learning how to use chopsticks.

In this video tutorial, I show you exactly how to use the chopsticks so you can start practicing the “Korean” way. Once you master chopsticks, you will be able to get rid of your fork forever. Practice makes perfect so make sure you practice everyday picking up things.


How to Make BiBimBap (Korean Mixed Rice)!


For those of you who like Korean food, here’s a simple Korean dish you can easily make at home that’s quick and very healthy alternative to fast food.

BiBimBap is a korean mixed rice dish that’s usually made up of rice, korean vegetables, and some meat (of your liking or you can also make without).

“BiBim” means “to mix” in Korean and “Bap” means “rice”.


You will need some Korean BanChan (BanChan means side dishes in Korean).  I suggest you to get around 3-5 different Korean s

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BiBimMyun – Korean Spicy Cold Noodles!


One of my very favorite Korean noodles is the Paldo BiBimMyun, which is the instant version of Korean spicy cold noodles. Koreans usually prefer this during hot summer months in Korea to “cool” them down. As for me, I like to eat it very often, it’s very sweet, spicy, and can get your appetite satisfied on a hot day.

It’s pretty easy to cook this, just boil water, throw the noodles in there for 10 minutes, rinse the noodles with cold water, drain water, and add hot sauce that it comes with.

You can get this easily at most Korean market

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Udon in a Box – Korean Noodles Unboxing!


Koreans are very good at turning foods from other cultures into their own “Koreanized” versions, you will see plenty of Korean BBQ hamburgers at Burger King locations in Korea and also plenty of Korean BBQ pizza even. Likewise, Koreans have “koreanized” udon noodles, which is traditionally Japanese food.

You can get these Udons in a box at your local Korean groceries, they are easy to cook, pretty healthy (other than number of carbs), and taste very good.

If you haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend you to grab some next tim

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SamSun ChamPong Korean Noodles Unboxing!


Now if you want a taste of Chinese Korean food, which is a “Koreanized” Chinese food only sold in Korea, you can go ahead and pick up a box of these SamSun ChamPong korean noodles at your local Korean market. This is the instant version of ChamPong (you can get the real version in Chinese Korean restaurants) but still tastes very similar to the real thing.

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Sang Ramen Unboxing! [Korean Noodles][Healthy]


For those of you who want to eat “healthy” Korean noodles, there’s actually just the thing for that, Sang Ramen. “Sang” means “raw” in Korean and Sang Ramen maybe be much healthier for you in the long run than instant noodles like Shin Ramen(which is still my favorite but you can’t eat it everyday obviously).

Next time you are at your local Asian mart, pick up some of these, you will like them. They actually taste nearly identical to Shin Ramen (the spicy kind) yet the noodles are the “raw” type, not the dried n

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Korean Magic Electric Kettle Review!


Do you cook a lot of Korean noodles? Then you will want a “dedicated” electric kettle that can give you hot water instantly. You can buy these at your local Korean market, highly recommended if you eat a lot of Korean noodles like me.

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Yeul Ramen Korean Noodles! [열라면]


Yeul Ramen (열라면) is probably my second favorite instant noodle, second to Shin Ramen.  Yeul in Korean means “heat”, so similar to Shin Ramen, Yeul Ramen is very spicy.

The taste is a bit different from Shin Ramen, you can taste the ramen more and it’s a bit less spicy.  So if you think Shin Ramen is too spicy for you, give Yeul Ramen a try.

This one isn’t available on Amazon but you can probably pick one up easily at your local Asian/Korean grocery.  This Yeul ramen is pretty popular so it should be easy to get your hands on one.

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Shin Ramen Korean Instant Noodles!


The most popular Korean noodle brand for the last 10 or so years is Shin Ramen (Pronounced Shin-Ra-Myun in Korean).  Without a doubt, Shin Ramen is the most popular noodle brand in South Korea.

Of course, I don’t recommend eating Shin Ramen on a daily basis, maybe couple times a week at most as there’s a lot of sodium and MSG.  It’s not the most healthiest food in the world but it’s definitely tasty and spicy, much better than any of those cheap, instant noodles.

The Shin Ramen comes in different forms, in noodle format and also in instant no

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